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‘This Blue’: Mixed media painting 5/9/16

'This Blue' is a finished painting, mixed media on canvas. From the get-go I had no idea where it was going, but here it is. Someone once said that a painting is never finished - it just stops in interesting places. Here is the process, from picking it out of my...

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Paintings ‘in progress’: In the Studio Aug 17

There seems to be two strands (at least) to my expressive paintings - you could say the dark and the light - and these paintings in progress I would say are on the  light side! I guess the darker paintings and themes are to do with Landscape, death and Mystery. Having...

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Wiltshire Triptych 10cm x 10cm

Completed these little canvases - a Wiltshire Triptych - today and feel strangely satisfied with them. Wanted to capture the essence of the Wiltshire landscape and feel I've achieved that to some degree. I  notice how resistant I am to doing small paintings but...

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Mini-collage play: 10/8/17

Had a great time with collage and play with small artcards. These have given me lots of ideas for bigger paintings - the ones I really like I'll keep for that, the rest will make lovely cards to send to people.  Translating them into much larger paintings that I find...

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Abstract play: July 17

Playing with mixed media on bamboo paper, acrylic, crayon, stencils and stamps. One paper I didn't much like but cut it up into squares and will probably use them to make cards for sending. Play is never wasted! (even if I can't use what I've done in some way) I...

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