Creative Heart Workshops

Most of these workshops are one day only and are for a maximum of 8 people. They are aimed at anyone wanting to access their creativity and for Artists and creatives who are ‘stuck’ or blocked.

Art Journaling: Encountering the Authentic Self through writing, drawing, collaging and painting in our journal we arrive in the present moment, harvesting an inner rich resource of ideas and inspiration that supports our creative practice, whatever it is.

Creative Breakthrough: Exploring and reclaiming our ability for spontaneous expression is like diamond mining! And we have to get through the blocks to find the diamond within. The diamond in us all is a creative unconscious that can feed and nurture our conscious creative life. Through intuitive painting and guided imagery, this workshop is designed to assist us to inhabit and explore the present, finding that authentic voice inside that wants to express its uniqueness.

Marie Allen is a teacher, psychotherapist and creativity coach with over 30 years experience of working with people to help them become free of their internal blocks and manifest their creative dreams. She has run many Art-based workshops over the past 30 years mostly focused on releasing the inner creative and undoing the blocks we have to success. She focuses on challenging our beliefs about ourselves and our innate creativity in a way that is fun and expansive.

‘My interest and expertise is in creativity, mindfulness, the art of making personal meaning and the psychology of the creative person I don’t work with problem-solving, that just makes something go away – I work to bring into being whatever it is that people want to create. To me, that is the only way to life a fulfilled life’.

Workshops for 2018-19 are to be listed soon, here and on Facebook & Instagram. If you are interested in invited me to run a workshop please contact me on: