Fantasia on a Wiltshire Landscape : 17/6/18

'Fantasia on a Wiltshire Landscape' seems the most appropriate title for these three paintings which were completed upon my return from a 'sketching' trip to Avebury. Here's the thing - in the week I was there I sketched........nothing. I've done this before, many...

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Spirit of Place: Two finished paintings 28/5/18

Today I finished (I think) two abstract landscapes on canvas 'Spirit of Place'.  I'm really pleased with them and have hung them where I can look at them and decide if they are complete or not. I find it helps to move them from room to room, so I come upon them in...

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Painting: Work in progress 26/5/18

Ok. Its Bank Holiday and I should be out in the sunshine picnicking or something - but here's the thing - being in the studio is my passion and purpose, painting my refuge and recreation. Maybe I'm a little obsessive but it doesn't feel that way when I'm in the zone....

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Shropshire Retreat -Sketchbook May ’18

All my plans for this year have gone awry but I'm kinda getting used to it by now - so I am amazed that I actually managed to get to my Shropshire retreat and enjoy creating another sketchbook of magical landscapes. I now know clearly that I do not actually need to...

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What sketching? Wiltshire in March Snow: 2/3/18

I should keep my trap shut and not make 'decisions' about going off into the wilds of Wiltshire to engage in sketching at the tail end of Winter -'O, you think so eh?' says Sod who as we know wrote the Law, and proceeds to send down a Russian storm on my head. OK, it...

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