April already! Listen to the Fox.

Yes, its April already and where have I been? Still pretty exhausted and have no inclination to do any artwork. Would be scary except I've been here before. Sometimes I need to stay away from it for a while. Last evening I walked out to the shed and saw this - it...

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New Year Setting Intention process – January 2019

This has been an interesting 'Setting Intention' process whereby I get to envision the New Year via imagery - what emerged spontaneously is this 'seed-pod'. I find if I let go of outcomes (not easy) and allow the drawing/image to come I am always delighted with...

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Open Studio event Dec 1st – Leicester

Invitation to our Open Studio event this coming Saturday Dec 1st. (see ad below). Getting the studio a bit tidier and looking forward to meeting people and talking about my artwork. This is a very low-key affair as I haven't had the energy to put lots of publicity out...

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October Latest Paintings.

End of October already- where did the time go? Latest paintings here, and about to add Gallery to this site. Apologies for neglecting my followers but Life as usual has a habit of overturning my best plans. Still, my work is ongoing and I feel I'm getting nearer to...

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September Interlude

'September interlude' is the phrase that best fits this period of my life where all is in limbo, including my creative work. I could have chosen other phrases like 'staring into the abyss' but I prefer to see it as an interlude - or hope that it is. Well, been here...

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Studio doings and Works in Progress: July ’18

My 'studio doings' and works in progress have been curtailed by this heat - OK up to about midday but then the heat intensifies and I go limp as a dishrag. This post shows the works in progress at the moment but I am flagging and struggling to be inspired. So I've...

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