Studio doings and Works in Progress: July ’18

My 'studio doings' and works in progress have been curtailed by this heat - OK up to about midday but then the heat intensifies and I go limp as a dishrag. This post shows the works in progress at the moment but I am flagging and struggling to be inspired. So I've...

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From the Wiltshire sketchbook June ’18

Needing to get back to the essence of the Wiltshire landscape through the sketchbook using collage, limited colours and markmaking. Can't seem to get away from this orange - the one I love is Flame Orange, an acrylic ink - but I am playing around with mixing soft body...

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Fantasia on a Wiltshire Landscape : 17/6/18

'Fantasia on a Wiltshire Landscape' seems the most appropriate title for these three paintings which were completed upon my return from a 'sketching' trip to Avebury. Here's the thing - in the week I was there I sketched........nothing. I've done this before, many...

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Spirit of Place: Two finished paintings 28/5/18

Today I finished (I think) two abstract landscapes on canvas 'Spirit of Place'.  I'm really pleased with them and have hung them where I can look at them and decide if they are complete or not. I find it helps to move them from room to room, so I come upon them in...

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Painting: Work in progress 26/5/18

Ok. Its Bank Holiday and I should be out in the sunshine picnicking or something - but here's the thing - being in the studio is my passion and purpose, painting my refuge and recreation. Maybe I'm a little obsessive but it doesn't feel that way when I'm in the zone....

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Shropshire Retreat -Sketchbook May ’18

All my plans for this year have gone awry but I'm kinda getting used to it by now - so I am amazed that I actually managed to get to my Shropshire retreat and enjoy creating another sketchbook of magical landscapes. I now know clearly that I do not actually need to...

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