Meet Marie Allen

I work with mixed media because I enjoy using materials that are at hand and also that work for me. I don’t want to be restricted and, working in layers as I do, whatever gives me the effect I want I will use. The only medium I don’t use (yet!) are oils. My journaling work evolves in the moment – or rather moment-to-moment – I do not have a plan or an outcome in mind, I just enjoy the images that emerge when I ‘get out of my own way’. That is, I don’t think about it. I enjoy getting out of my mind!

The themes in both my journaling work and in my paintings are to do with what is hidden, bringing the unconscious into consciousness; and a kind or archaeology that reveals archetypal symbols and marks that resonate with the deep unconscious in us all. For that reason I am drawn to ancient landscapes and standing stones, mountains and wild places. No-one taught me any of this – I excavated it within myself and still am. My aim in my work is, I think, to evoke an emotional response in the viewer, a sense of spirit of place (inner and outer).

My creative work is what gives life meaning for me. I paint, write and create because I have to – for my sanity, for my life. Art Journaling is about having a conversation with my inmost self, allowing the heart’s voice to be heard. The deeper I go, the nearer I get to the Source. I know that this is why I am here, to create. When I allow that what I do is enough, I feel fulfilled in this moment. Then there is just this, what is good to do, trusting myself.

I live in Leicester in an eco-renovated house with my husband. We cultivate quite a bit of land, aiming to be as self-sufficient in fruit & veg as possible – not quite there yet. The garden is just another canvas to me, planting another medium. I am happiest when I flow from the garden into the studio and back again, in tune with the seasons turning, the ebb and flow of life and death. This is supported by my Soto Zen meditation practice, although in truth I am really a feminist, pagan Buddhist with shamanic leanings!

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