This has been an interesting ‘Setting Intention’ process whereby I get to envision the New Year via imagery – what emerged spontaneously is this ‘seed-pod’. I find if I let go of outcomes (not easy) and allow the drawing/image to come I am always delighted with whatever arrives from my creative unconscious. Then I can ask the question -“what is this about?”

Before doing this it was useful to go inward and ‘feel’ the year ahead in my body. Then to listen to what my heart is telling me; where the fear is; where the intention is. Then to choose appropriate materials – could be collage, paint, pastels etc. have a big enough piece of paper and go! (and relax into it).

I have this image up on my wall so i can keep looking at it, working it – what do those colours mean; those shapes; numbers ….it all has meaning. This is like one of those childhood books like Rupert the Bear – what is hidden in the picture? What is this image telling me about my intention, fear, hope?

A seed pod is a powerful image – representing potential, growth, fulfillment, manifestation. Well, all of these are my hearts desire, especially to manifest my work in a particular way. I will be sharing this in my art group – anothers observations can be helpful – as there is much that still puzzles me yet. I can recommend giving this a try, especially if you are stuck. I prefer setting intention to resolutions. Feels more gentle and permissive.

Year ahead image