‘September interlude’ is the phrase that best fits this period of my life where all is in limbo, including my creative work. I could have chosen other phrases like ‘staring into the abyss’ but I prefer to see it as an interlude – or hope that it is. Well, been here before in many ways – though not here exactly. Death and my own mortality is tapping me on the shoulder again and this time I feel have no creative response to it. Not in painting.

So, back to what has worked in the past, going inward and working with those deep places in me that find expression best through art journaling. Maybe. I am not that person anymore – not the person who, in 2012, lost 2 important people in my life. So I am actually stepping into the unknown. As artists we are always stepping into the unknown and unknowable.

Right now I feel that I am circling like a huge bird over the land and cannot see anywhere to land, no place of refuge.