Falling in love with the work – feels to me like the process reveals more of who I am to myself – and I like what I see.  It’s like ‘Aha! – who knew this would arrive?’ Yet at the same time not being surprised that it has come out. Where does it come from inside me? Who knows. I’m just so boundlessly grateful for this creative heart. I swear if I possessed nothing else, my creativity would sustain me ( and has) and I would be content (I am ).

I have a sense that, as this work flows, I am becoming more and more of who I truly am. With these ‘conversations’ I feel I am getting closer to the essence of what I want to say about the landscape. I also know that this is an ongoing process – a kind of excavation – and it will go deeper and become more meaningful. There is nowhere to arrive at. Just the process, just the journey.

WIP Abstract Landscapes Nos 1-4

WIP abstract 1

WIP abstract 2

WIP abstract 3

WIP abstract 4