My ‘studio doings’ and works in progress have been curtailed by this heat – OK up to about midday but then the heat intensifies and I go limp as a dishrag. This post shows the works in progress at the moment but I am flagging and struggling to be inspired. So I’ve decided to take some time out and just rest and reflect. I often forget that reflection and reviewing is part of the process for all artists. If we go at it 24/7 we get burnout as surely as we would working in an office. Personally I like to daydream, do some cloudwatching -well I would if there were any!!

One of the hardest things I think we face as artists is the idea that if we stop, take time out, we won’t get ‘it’ back. Or – even worse – tell ourselves that we’re done and we’ll never be inspired again. Our egos are pretty fragile. We remember all the negative comments we’ve ever had but not the praise. We need to refill the empty container, get some downtime and refresh ourselves by doing something completely different.

At the end of the month I go to a Jazz festival at Llandudno and plan to chill by the sea. Don’t care if it rains or shines. I need to switch off. I also need to watch out for the voice that insists I must use the time to sketch. Yeah, we’ve all got one of them!  have a good summer everyone.

Dreaming sea -WIP.

dreaming sea WIP

Dreaming sea – detail

dreaming sea detail

Studio doings

studio doings - WIPs