Needing to get back to the essence of the Wiltshire landscape through the sketchbook using collage, limited colours and markmaking. Can’t seem to get away from this orange – the one I love is Flame Orange, an acrylic ink – but I am playing around with mixing soft body acrylics in the studio. Nearly there. Time and time again, as most artists do I guess, I get caught up in the need to sell my work and am seduced into thinking that -if I find the right formula – I’ll be successful. But in truth I’ve been there, making art that is popular and sells and I grew bored, felt I was on a factory conveyor belt. I know that I need to be authentic and allow myself the time to let my work lead me, not the other way round. So I have made a commitment to myself to only focus on deepening the work, being authentic, bringing myself back to what it is I am trying to express. Ultimately this means trusting myself and the work that wants to come through.

These sketches come from a series of 20 or more – these 3 I like and feel I can work up into painting. But nothing is wasted, the others are fodder for collage or experimentation with mark making etc.

Wiltshire skbk 1

wiltshire skbk 2

wiltshire skbk 3