‘Fantasia on a Wiltshire Landscape’ seems the most appropriate title for these three paintings which were completed upon my return from a ‘sketching’ trip to Avebury. Here’s the thing – in the week I was there I sketched……..nothing. I’ve done this before, many times. Had the intention to take time out in the landscape sketching but ended up just being in it and somehow absorbing the spirit of the place, regurgitating it onto canvas when I got back into the studio.

Does anyone else do that? OK I’m weird. It isn’t that I never sketch or have a dislike of sketching. Just that most of my sketching arises from what’s inside my head. The landscapes I paint are mostly an abstraction of the environment I spent time in and my emotional/spiritual response to it.  This past week I have walked along the Ridgeway, lingered in the Avenue at Avebury and sat in fields listening to the skylarks and watching the poppies dancing in the wind. But no impulse or desire to sketch.

I arrived back in the studio today and …suddenly three paintings that I had not managed to resolve satisfactorily were easily completed,  transmogrified, some alchemical process has taken place. There we are.

Fantasia on a Wiltshire Landscape #1-3

fantasia 2

fantasia 1

Fantasia 3