All my plans for this year have gone awry but I’m kinda getting used to it by now – so I am amazed that I actually managed to get to my Shropshire retreat and enjoy creating another sketchbook of magical landscapes. I now know clearly that I do not actually need to sketch out in the field, so to speak, I simply need to be in the landscape to absorb the energy and spirit of place. I lived in this area of the country for over 3 years and it still has magical and ‘witchy’ properties. Here are some finished sketches – on board, so they might actually get framed – or I might use them as inspiration to create larger paintings. They are each 5×7″, mixed media on board.


shropshire sketchbook series 4


shropshire sketchbook no 1

shropshire sketchbook no 2

shropshire sketchbook no 3

shropshire sketchbook no 4