Paintings in progress – studio diary. This has been a very productive and inspiring month for me, really breaking through blocks and restrictions to find new ways of expressing what I want to say about landscape. I have managed to allow myself to go to the studio more often than usual and have only torn myself away when I’ve been exhausted – in a good way. I am making good progress with networking via Instagram, discovering like-minded creatives which is wonderful. So, from a low, slow and poorly opening to 2018, spring has finally arrived both actually and metaphysically!

Here are the 8″x8″ boards I am working on in  mixed media at this time. I’m playing with limited colours and using collage and print. I already love them and they are not finished yet – although maybe the ‘essence’ ones are.

Stage one – background and collage:

Stage one 8x8 boards mixed media

Next stages: ‘Conversation with the Land’ 1-7

1. Golden

Conv w land golden

2.Paynes gray

conv w land paynes gray

3. Red

conv w land red

4 Green-gold

conv w land green gold

5. Orange

conv w land orange

6 & 7 The ‘essences’

conv w land essence 1

conv w land essence 2