Studio Doings, letting go of being in charge and allowing images to emerge – one of my favorite ways of starting is demonstrated here – making random marks with limited media and colours and seeing what comes. Use masking tape to both separate the postcard-sized images and also to create a border around them when you cut them up later. DON’T THINK – let your arm and eye do the work.

Tutorial - Sketches 1

Next stage is to take off the tape and cut the images into ‘postcards’. Then take some time to move them around and ‘see’ what might emerge. Because I have so many I am less afraid of making mistakes, because its experimental, I remind myself that there are no failures. Now I use pens/graphite/inks etc to add lines where I see the need:

Tutorial - Sketches 2.1

Sorry some of these are not clear – taken with phone camera. here are some more close-ups:

Tutorial - Sketches 2

Inspired by the Wiltshire landscape these sketches are the basis, maybe, for future larger paintings – or I might send them as postcards to friends – or mount them as small framed pictures. Enjoy the process.