I should keep my trap shut and not make ‘decisions’ about going off into the wilds of Wiltshire to engage in sketching at the tail end of Winter -‘O, you think so eh?’ says Sod who as we know wrote the Law, and proceeds to send down a Russian storm on my head. OK, it isn’t personal – but so many plans have been thwarted so far this year I am getting the message -‘Don’t have any’!  Fortunately I am staying with family in Marlborough, delightful place that it is, and only a stones throw from Waitrose – so what’s to complain about? I’m warm, well-fed and am finding an almost childish delight in NOT having to go to work, not having to struggle or worry about getting home yet. And I can read and sketch in my room, in the warm.

This afternoon I walked around the town and down into Treacle Bolly, an area along the River Kennet. All the shops were shut by 2pm and the quiet was lovely. I lingered along the river as long as I could till I began to get cold. Treacle Bolly in snow March 18