Can’t wait till I actually get down there tomorrow to begin my Wiltshire sketchbook, so did some experimental sketches based on my memory of place. I realise that, mostly that is how I work. I may do sketches and use them for the information but ultimately it is my inner sense of the landscape, the spirit of place that I am trying to express. Wherever I go for inspiration I (mostly) draw upon some interior sketchbook. I think many artists do that. Consequently I may not need to encounter the landscape directly in order to paint it. Although I do feel the need to ‘top-up’ that inner reservoir from time to time. And with somewhere very different, like Spain for example, I need to smell of orange blossom and the warm balm of sea air to trigger the release of that expression. (Ah, how I would love to be in such a place after this icy winter!)

More Ice-iness!

Ok, I want to be in Spain but I’m going outdoor sketching in Wiltshire in a week when temperatures are going to be -8! Masochist or what? Well, I shall wrap up warm in several layers of thermals, limit my time outside to what is comfortable and make sure I have a map to the nearest Cafe so I can warm up again. Plan to visit Waylands Smithy, West Kennet Long Barrow and Devils Den -and of course Avebury. Will be posting on Pinterest and maybe Instagram if I can get some tutoring from my sister!

Mixed Media

I find it helpful to limit materials and colours when sketching. These 5 sketches show that. I began with the mark-making, using coloured pencils and graphite, then added ink, watercolour, scratched into it, some gesso and finished off with pen and pencil.

W Sk 1

With this sketch I also used a stamp.

W Sk 2

W Sk 3

W Sk 4

W Sk 5Wiltshire sketchbook 5 pages