Ah, the slow, quiet, introverted time coming up to the Midwinter Solstice. After a very busy November preparing for an exhibition and Winter Fair, followed by a fortnight of some kind of stomach bug which (fingers crossed) has now left, I am beginning to process the year which is something I always do around this time. I find it valuable to review the year – this is where the journals come in useful – I can look back at the intentions I set and consider what I have achieved. This year has been extraordinary, given that I have escaped a living situation that had become unworkable, have moved to an area in the city that feels just right for me and have begun  to make connections with my ‘tribe’; and produced a reasonable body of artwork which i am pleased with.

Now I feel the need to move forward with my work by going back to basics – that is, returning to my sketchbooks and to the places and landscapes that inspire me. So, getting down on paper the essence of what I want to say about these sacred places that, time and again, I return to. To that end I have ‘put out’ that I want to house-sit and be on retreat for the first few months of next year. And, the Universe has answered! I have the opportunity to go to Tynemouth (ah, the sea) at the end of January; Shropshire and Wiltshire in February. I have also 2 weeks in South Wales in August.  For now I am content to reflect and rest, dabble and play with paint and collage. Take time out.

Sketchbooks showing thumbnails and colour notes

notes and sketches