Exhibitions are always difficult I think for an artist trying to sell their work – especially so for an introvert like me – I really don’t like talking about my pictures, have always felt they need to speak for themselves. However, meeting other artists is always a pleasure and I feel on firmer ground. I am always surprised that I feel very little in the way of competition with other artists and that’s because I know we are all ‘borrowing’ ideas and learning from each other and we will all express ourselves individually. Art, in my opinion, that is solely technique-based has no lasting power, cannot grow in the same way as art that is based on experience, passion and skills learned over time. Fine to begin that way but we have to move beyond mere copying. I have ‘stolen like an artist’ (see Austin Kleon’s book of the same name) all of my life but my work has evolved into my own personal expression, with it’s own themes and symbols.

The exhibition/Winter Fair was successful in a small way for me – I sold a few cards and prints and, as a consequence of posting my work on this site, two paintings. So I am well-pleased. And I made some interesting and important contacts in the Art world. Now, however I am extremely tired! All the hard work of the past few months has caught up with me, so I’m taking time out.

The next phase for me will be attempting to get my online Shop up and running, but I fear not in time for Xmas. Also upping my presence on Instagram – hoping Santa will bring me a new phone for that!  Here are photo’s from the exhibition, please contact me if there’s anything you would like to buy and I’ll do my best to get it to you.

Abstract selection

If you go back into my blog you will find individual images of paintings/cards and hand-made journals that were for sale. This my ‘abstract’ corner.

2nd exhib area

This second exhibition space contains my ‘Ridgeway, Derbyshire and Border Country series’.

Jazz and stones x 3

Derbyshire series

Jazz x 3 'This Blue'

Ridgeway series


Dark peak Spindrift


ridgeway dawn