Settling in still to my new studio space and realising I need more storage – tho’ very happy with my recycled storage I need more!! This plastic card display rack I found in a skip outside a bookshop that had closed down, could do with another one. Its perfect for keeping my acrylics in so I can see them clearly. Not tubes though. My favourite paints are Golden but there are some colours that I can only find in other brands like Liquitex – a Lime green I love only found in Reeves and an Azure blue by Cryla. We all have our favourites I guess.

acrylic storage rack

Here’s another storage rack, can’t remember where this came from, probably a charity shop or another skip. Who can resist skips? Not me. This holds the cheap craft acrylics I use in journaling and for gelli-printing; there’s some acrylic pens, hand-carved stamps (speed ball); some household paint samplers -waste nothing is my motto.