I have Trump fatigue, I have Boris Fatigue, I have stupid white men fatigue (yea, sure there are women in there too). This week I have felt hopeless and depressed about us, the human race – and our ignorance and stupidity.  I have felt rage and despair in equal measure. Part of me just wants to stop and get off this out-of-control train. But I am blessed with the ability to create, to process my fears through my artwork. It saves me – until the next time. There WILL be a next time. I’m re-posting here my response to Orlando. The journal spreads that follow are to do with the despair at the carnage in Vegas. I don’t have anything else to say about it. certainly not ‘prayers’. To hell with that. Right now I am struggling to find compassion in my heart. For others, for myself.

Another Day in Paradise: Orlando

Another day in paradise...Orlando

I Just Want to Cry: Vegas

I just want to cry 1

I just want to cry 2

I just want to cry 4