I cannot tell whether I am simply tired or blocked, but I feel lacking in motivation – stuck. And I just realised that the last journaling I did was back in July! I am horrified that the source of my creative expression has ‘dried-up’. Interesting that the title of that last spread was ‘feeling my way’. I didn’t like it at the time and looking at it now I can see why. It’s kind of pretty but meaningless, it has no heart to it as if I was just going thru’ the motions. I think I was.

feeling my way journal

All this is mirrored in my painting work too, feel as if I’ve lost track and I’m just meandering around, spoiling the paintings I’ve already started. This week I gessoed over three paintings that had become ‘lost’.  That’s actually how it is right now for me. I do trust I will find the spark again, but it’s hellish waiting. My astrologer tells me this is all about Sun in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces, Saturn is in there somewhere – causing havoc! Meanwhile, I turn up at the easel, so to speak, and play around with sketches, do some basic colour exercises and trust my mojo will come back. Here are some:

scribble sketches

skecthbook 1

sketchbook 2

sketchbook 3