The problem with devoting so much time to painting in the studio – I miss posting my blog, so apologies to followers. After settling in I feel I’m beginning to ‘hit my stride’ and feel my way into a pattern of working. When I get stuck, I drop all my expectations and simply play with colour and shape. Ideas always emerge, sometimes too many! I think its very easy to produce a lot and think its all good, but I have learned to edit quite ruthlessly. Nothing is ever wasted – whatever I cannot gesso over and begin again, I’ll cut up and use to make smaller images and greeting-type cards. I decided a long time ago that there were NO MISTAKES! If something doesn’t work out the way I wanted (it rarely does!) I can always learn from it. Today I photographed the paintings in progress, this first one particularly I love. I didn’t  -until I turned it upside down!

Landscape in progress

Stone & moon painting in prog