After the disruption of the past few months I thought I’d be ‘ready to fly’ by the end of May. But I’m not. I’m still processing the big move to a new life, a new house, both physically and emotionally. Finding it hard to get back into my creative work – well artwork as such. And yet that isn’t really true – I am creating a new home and enjoying my new, very small, garden. Its delightful to be focused on growing flowers. I notice that tendency in me, which I think we all have, to push myself to be ‘productive’, just another version of justifying myself. So I am pulling back and reminding myself that I’ll ‘fly’ when I’m good and ready to, I’m the authority in my life. This week I am exploring the possibility of renting a large¬† studio – about time really that I committed myself to my artwork fully. But I’m not attached to having one yet…I trust it will happen when I’m good and ready!getting ready to fly

fly closeup

flying mark-making