Looking for the answer …….not sure what the question is! After the blur of stressful activity involved in moving house, downsizing, huge let-go’s I am beginning to feel as if I have landed but still not quite at the end of the runway! It feels as if it been a long time since I last put paint on paper and I want to catch up with myself, re-connect with my interior life. But of course I have to get the outer in some kind of order first. So I’ve been dabbling, re-reading older journals, checking out notebooks, seeing who I was in order to get a sense of who I am now. So I begin again. I begin with play, with putting paint down and seeing where it takes me. And some large part of me breathes a sigh of relief. No images to speak of, but lots of vivid colour, energy. It feels good this new place, this new beginning, this new me. Yesterday, having a coffee in a local cafe, someone I know slightly stopped and said “Ah. I thought it was you”. I answered “Yes, its me alright, I’d know me anywhere!”

look for the answer closeup