A week after my birthday and its time to transform my cards into a Birthday Landscape. I do this for two reasons – as a journal-keeper I don’t like waste and it feels right to keep these visual messages as a record of my 66th year.  Working intuitively as I do most of the time, I am intrigued to notice the images that have come to me from my family and friends. I don’t think anything is coincidental and that it makes sense that the images on cards that have come to me say something both about the sender and myself. Well, flowers, butterflies and two interesting landscapes – the one with the train seems especially pertinent as I journey onwards from this home I have inhabited for 11 years. But the boat too, with two people in it, sending loving hearts to each other as they bob along in the waves. Birthday spread 66

I also love the energy of the colours of this spread, light and greenery and a sense of optimism. This is where I am at. But like the butterfly just emerging from its cocoon, my wings are not yet ready to unfurl (and there’s a part of me that wants to back up into the safety and darkness of the cocoon) Trust change. All will be well, how I meet it is the important aspect of this step by step process.

Birthday spread closeup 1