Seven years ago I stepped into my new studio with joy and delight in my heart – now I am saying goodbye. It has been quite a journey and I am full of gratitude for all I have learned, explored and produced in this lovely space. It meant a lot to me that it was in a garden and guarded by an old and very dear Plum tree. I was in a safe space, safe to process the deaths of my brother and dear friend, safe to explore and allow myself to deepen my practice of mindful and intuitive painting and journaling my life. Now I am moving on to a new place – which at times feels really scary as I have no idea where that will be yet – but I do trust that it will be perfect, it always has been. My trust in the Eternal has not changed, even tho’ there are frightening things happening in the world. I take refuge in the present moment trusting in the heart’s knowing.

This is my studio 7 years ago, brand new and empty:

New build studio

New build studioA hearth and a blanket, a pot of coffee and my wonderful woodstove.

I leave behind a painting wall/a painting on a wall – I hope it inspires a future artist.

a painting ...wallEmpty again.. but no sorrow, just gratitude.

studio empty againAnd finally goodbye to my beloved Plumtree.

plum blossom, goodbyes