Whilst away on holiday in Whitby I created these pages in my journal – The Way Home. As always I had no idea what would emerge when I put paint on paper and had no sense of what I wanted to put down. This arrived and I gradually began to get a felt sense of what my creative unconscious was needing to explore. We are leaving this place that has been my home for over 10 years and I am both sad and excited. When we choose to move on it isn’t always clear cut – right I’m outa here! I’m sad because of all I’ll be leaving behind, especially the garden and my studio, but excited to be embracing change and growth again with a sense of  ‘I wonder….’. Don’t know where we’ll end up but first I am taking at least a year ‘out’ to focus completely on my artwork and writing. That is very exciting! the way home

Not too sure who this character is – definitely a ‘she’, she seems vulnerable and exposed but also standing strong. And the line ‘home’ is from her heart to……..? The asemic writing represents her own language which is of the heart rather than the spoken.

the way home closeup1