New Year – new journals! Yay! Do you remember how exciting it was to return to school and get all that new stuff handed to you – jotters and pens and writing books? OK, I’m showing my age, they probably don’t do that anymore, now parents have to take their kids down to the stationery shop. But how great it felt to have a fresh start, to open a new exercise book with all its potential! I feel like that at New Year and always make new journals, even tho’ the old ones haven’t yet been filled (and I will fill them at some point).

These journal covers are made by gesso-ing over 140gsm cartridge paper and layering paint, gelli-printing, stamping , scribbling with wax crayon etc. A fun thing to do when I am not inspired particularly. Making my own journals is so easy, I rarely buy any now. Well that’s not entirely true – just like the kid in the stationery shop, I cannot resist empty books. I’ll never grow up.