Here is an open letter to my brother who died almost 5 years ago. ‘On your birthday I remember you – not that I ever forget you – but today it is particularly poignant. I notice how hard it is to talk about you, to re-member you, put together my experiences of you. Of course in some ways that’s because no-one else can, no-one else had OUR relationship. So I sit alone and recall your voice, some memories. You had a blue and white teddy, I had a black and white panda. You were 4 or 5 years old, I was 3. There we were, being brother and sister. I’m still discovering parts of you, still excavating your role in my life and finding so many reasons for gratitude. One thing I do know for sure – you reside in my heart.’

In memory of Stephen Allen Nov. 4th 1949 – Jan 15th 2012open-letter-to-my-brother