We think we have plenty of time. A sad day, the day of a young boys funeral, his family and community trying to make sense of the suicide that has left them shocked and disbelieving. No answers. Such an act is a stark reminder that we cannot understand everything, control anything, keep Death at bay. We think that we have made such progress because we in the West have banished the dark with our electricity, the wolf and the leopard from terrorising us in the night, eliminated some terrible diseases, have the means to communicate instantly across the globe. But it’s all an illusion.

Now our children are terrorised by failure, not being acceptable enough, having no meaning in their lives, of having no sense of a future to inspire them. They are polluted by environmental toxins of all types, bombarded by noise, turn to addiction to numb themselves. Suicide is awful, indescribably painful for those left behind. Can we allow it to wake us up? To realise that the real problem is our delusion – that we think we have plenty of time? Just this one ‘wild and precious life’ -if we really knew the truth of that, I am sure we would live differently, more honestly. We would challenge the social ‘rules’ of our society, stand up and say NO more. plenty of time closeup2

plenty of time closeup1