Frustrated with not finding the bones/skeletal stencils I need I turned to producing my own with glue gun onto plastic sheeting. Printing with glue gun shapes or glue gun outlines on plastic sheeting is an effective way of creating your own unique images. You can do this via a gelli plate or simply monoprint directly from the stamp. I am delighted with the results. The first image here is of the ‘stamp’ itself, simply glue-gunned onto a plastic sleeve.glue gun stamp

From this I printed (using my gelli plate) onto tissue – the first print is on the left and the ghost print on the right, both usable and unique in their own way. Printing on tissue with acrylics means I can transfer them easily onto a journal page or painting with gel medium – use water on a brush to create a ragged edge and it will blend into the painting seamlessly. You can get a print from the plate and also from the ink transferred onto the plastic sleeve, sometimes as many as 4 without refreshing the paint.

gluegun prints 1st and ghost on tissue

The next image is the same but this time onto paper. I used cheap matt photographic paper as it has an interesting surface that absorbs paint in a unique way. On the left is the 1st print, on the right the ghost.

gluegun print on paper 1st and ghost