Saturn goes Direct today after months of being retrograde – what does that mean? It means that the lessons of Saturn (discipline, step-by-step actions, learning from mistakes) will have been embedded in us – and if not, we will continue to stumble along and re-create the same as we have always done. The most direct teachings of Saturn for me in this lifetime have been to do with communicating the truth clearly. Of course that has involved discovering the truth and how I deny truth, patterns we all have to allow to come up for healing.

The truth I am most passionate about is this issue of Death, my experience of it, how it is denied in our culture, the suffering caused by hiding it away. I have witnessed people I love dying in great suffering because there is no language, no forum for openly talking about their experience. Most of us embark upon the greatest journey of our lives in a raft that is completely adrift from those we love, those who love us. How lonely is that?

Saturn direct

saturn direct closeup1

saturn direct closeup 2