When the moon disappears its an opportunity to go inward and consider what we are not aware of -in the dark of the moon which lasts a few days before the advent of the new moon- we can ask our unconscious to reveal what we are avoiding and listen to the answer. This last week I have been incapacitated by a fall and twisting my foot, resulting in a torn tendon. So I have had the time, with my foot raised and packed with ice, to meditate on that which does not want to be seen, my dark side. This journal spread symbolises what happens when we begin to pull that thread. It could be scary but if we stay with the question and are gentle with ourselves, the answer will emerge.

I have noticed that part of me that wants to blame myself for the accident, how I oppress myself with this ‘new-age’ idea that everything has a meaning and a cause. If I have an illness it must be, at some deep level, my own material – ergo (ego) -my own fault. I have experienced this week several instances of people projecting their anxieties on to me – what ifs, stories of what happened to someone else (not good)…and I have felt undermined and unsupported by that. But I’m aware of that voice in me and haven’t wanted to acknowledge how hard I am on myself.

the dark of the moon