Read the book of your life which has been given to you – a voice comes from your soul saying:

      Lift your foot; cross over; move into the emptiness of question and answer and question. (Rumi)

What is it about these words that moves me so? I think it’s the idea of there being no real answers, just more questions, and the sense that this is absolutely fine, in fact a process we are all engaged in. I ask and my soul answers through the images, the colours, the textures. And it’s my answer, yes. But it could also be yours if it resonates with you.I am even delighted that if it doesn’t, that’s Ok too.

I am excited by the notion of reading the book of my life – the significant events, the patterns. Which includes places, people, health, obstacles and blessings. All of it, all of it has contributed to who I am now. I love where I am now, I have gratitude for the blessings and opportunities of my life. And I’m stepping once again into the emptiness because it’s full of the unknown….and of possibilities.

read the book of your life