This feels like a real ‘moment’ for me, posting a ‘postcard’ tutorial. It was a bit difficult making sure I got all the steps photographed as I went along as I easily get carried away in the process and forget – so forgive me if I did miss some steps out – this is my first and my intention is to move towards doing video tutorials asap. But I did have lots of fun – I sometimes forget how important it is simply to play. I think doing postcard art gives me permission to fail, to make mistakes, but also to discover new techniques accidentally. And I can send postcards to people easily!

This first set are 5″x7″ and ungessoed.

5x7 4cards no 1

First I selected some scraps of paper and split them into 5 piles of 4, then used thick gel medium to put them down. I used liquid gel medium for the tissue pieces.

5x7 4cards gel med. 2

At this point I lightly gessoed the postcards. leaving some patches exposed. Once dried, I used my finger to smear on some florescent pink acrylic.

5x7 4cards 3

Now a contrasting colour,  light blue violet (Liquitex heavy body) I decided to print on the cards using a home-made foam plate.

5x7 4cards 3

5x7 4cards print 4a

Now I used Golden green gold and my finger again to add some highlights.

5x7 4card no 5

Again used a home-made foam plate to print some black lines on the postcards.

5x7 4 card black print 6

Rubbed in Golden Quin. Magenta with my fingers and splattered it with water – lifting it off with kitchen roll when the paint was dry. I like this effect.

5x7 4card 7closeup

Soz – a bit out of focus! Now to sit and do some detail using a Pilot permaball pen (my favourite black pen for working over acrylic) and a white Liquitex acrylic marker.

5x7 4cards finished 8

To finish postcards I added some more blue violet, scratched into it and some scribbled marks with the black pen.

last post 5x7