Dreaming Bird lands on my head, a strange creature that fluffs its tail and makes a nest for now. I am comforted by this image from the dream, enjoy working with dreams because the outcome is never as the dream was, it seems to be a dream within a dream – or an image born of a dream. Bird on my head? What can that mean? In dream re-entry bird talks to me of it being safe now to speak of the unspeakable, to explore the fearful. I am reminded of the Enya song about how in the midst of fear and sorrow “…how can I keep from singing?” Nothing remains the same all the time, everything morphs and changes and I am grateful for that.

The face here may look sorrowful but she has a slight smile, she realises that sorrow is alright, it passes. To go confidently in search of my dreams – for me this means being able to go deeper into the mysterious.

Dreaming bird