A whole fortnight away has been marvellous and relaxing, restorative and stimulating all at the same time. Being right away from all that is familiar, all that usually pulls or distracts me has been a form of retreat. Everything simplified, pared down. But O, the sun and the warmth and the Mediterranean colours, the blue and the searing white; the overarching smells of salt-sand-seaweed and orange blossom! We were not at all tempted to do the tourist thing, content to walk, wander, ponder and drink lots of sangria and coffee in cafes, explore villages and markets.

When I go away anywhere I take a limited supply of materials and media with me – and flying restricts that even moreso – but it can be quite exciting to have limitations and to rely on what I can find in the form of Tourist info leaflets, fliers and tickets etc. I took 4 different-sized Journals, one A4 and the others medium and small. Here are some of the pages. I have still to process all that occurred and allow myself to be inspired by what I saw. At the very least these are a record, a kind of diary of this period, at best they are a starting point for further creative work.

spanish journalsspanish days

3 muses and a kingThis was a puzzle to me – the 3 muses Ok – but who is the boy King? What archetype is this?

heat and passion

holiday sunshineThis flower motif is one that I used again and again during my stay – very loosely printed with dye and watercolour using a glue-gun stencil. Loved the effect and the colours.


Holiday j. mini possibility

woman diving deepEssentially, this is a metaphor for what I was doing there. Immersing myself in the blue ocean. Delicious.

wishes and dreams