Saturday at 7.30 am I was woken by an incident whereby two crows had attacked a tame Sparrowhawk. It ended up in my front garden. Without really thinking I caught it as I would the chickens but it put both talon’d feet around my little fingers – ouch and aagh! Eventually we released it into the back garden where it seemed alright and within a few minutes had flown off. What was that about? I work a lot with Animal medicine and symbolism in my artwork, so it made sense to me to explore it visually. Shamanic storyCrow = Natural Law/shapeshifer;  Hawk=Messenger

Crows attack hawk bringing it ‘down to earth’ where it ‘wakes me up’. I am bloodied on both hands. Well, thats certainly something to ponder on! If anyone has any insights I would welcome them. Meanwhile I’ll work on it.