A week in my very favourite place, the Lake District, where I relax, walk lots, dream and write. I usually take several ‘holiday’ journals with me – this time an A4, my molskine and 2 small handmade notebooks. I haven’t included all the pages, just the ones I felt stood out for me in some way. Like taking photo’s or printing, I find that -out of maybe 20 images -there will be a few that really speak to me. On the other hand, sometimes themes emerge and the pages connect with each other in unexpected ways.

Travel journal cover Sept 1In MemoriumThis page is in memorium – it would have been my friend Mairin’s 64th birthday on the 16th.

in the very heart of me, you areThis too, is about our relationship – ‘In the very heart of me, you are’.

I dreamt..This came out of exploring a dream….. followed by the butterfly- which is always symbolic of transformation.

revelations..And the theme of big cats continues. What do Tigers mean to me ? Fiercely protective, independent, endangered.

...and moreIn the smaller journal, another cat – and something here about intent and tearing the masks away.

dream the darkAnd finally, a playful page that has the colour of the season in it. Autumn is a time for letting go, slowing down, turning inward. After a busy and bountiful season I am ready to let the hot sun go, to rest and re-create in balmy, fragrant, smokey days.

its the season