With all the processing of produce from the garden and a summer of visits and visitors, I find myself just needing to quietly be in the studio and not produce! This seems like a good time to bring you into my space, so here’s a little tour. My studio sits at the far end of my garden and this summer I got it stained a lovely green to blend in with the surroundings. I left the front entrance as it was however, as I intend to do something a little different there, watch this space. The stepladders on the left double up as my easel, just add a couple of clamps and off you go – and I can bung it outside when I’m not using it and it doesn’t go rusty.

Studio AugustStudio entrance

As you can see, its cosy but not too small. I have lots of storage space courtesy of Ikea and a dear friend who gave me loads of it! But the open shelves on the right are too deep and not right, so as soon as I’ve got some dosh I’m off to Ikea to get a couple of Billy bookcases. Mostly I am happy to recycle and adapt things and these have done me well over the past 10 or so years.

View from doorwayThe old map chest I got years ago at an auction and I’ve raised it onto legs so I have boxes of stuff underneath too. I use the top as my printing space.Printing tableSkip find - paint rackFound this plastic card rack in a skip in Stow-in-the-Wold. Perfect for my Golden paints. Stencil railThis is my stencil rail – the most satisfactory way I’ve found so far to store them so I can see them clearly and get at them easily. It’s just stiff wire with clips threaded on between 2 hooks screwed into beam. The bigger ones are on hooks on the wall. Incidentally, I covered what were wooden walls with Insulation board – for insulation obviously but also it makes great pinboard. I can pin stuff now all over if I want. I used a cheap white emulsion on it to seal it and stop it crumbling.

more storageDesk and craft mat, this rests on the two filing cabinets which contain lots of bits – stamps, knives, stamp pads, watercolour crayons and pencils, watercolours and so on. The things I have out are the things I use the most. Inspiration wallBetween the windows I have an Inspiration wall – needs a bit of clearing out but usually I turn to this when I’m uninspired and then I’m off!

Cosy corner, logburnerThis is a great space to sit and read or listen to my MP3 (although its on most of the time!) In the winter the logburner throws out some serious heat. So ends the left-hand side tour of the Studio. More tomorrow.