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A ‘jewel’ of Goldfinches : January garden

I don't know what the proper name is for a group of goldfinches but 'jewel' feels about right. These - maybe 12 of them - descended on my studio beds and raided the seeds from the Verbena Bonariensis ( my favourite perennial). I am always delighted by visits from any...

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New Year, new Journals!

New Year - new journals! Yay! Do you remember how exciting it was to return to school and get all that new stuff handed to you - jotters and pens and writing books? OK, I'm showing my age, they probably don't do that anymore, now parents have to take their kids down...

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First journal pages of 2017: 1/1/17

First journal pages of 2017. Who are these characters? I think they may well be the two aspects of me that are both fearful and fearless. Glad to see the fearless one is the larger of the two! As I move forward into 2017 I am also moving out of my comfort zone in so...

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Avebury Sky, Midwinter Night: Mixed media painting

Avebury on a Midwinter Night. No, I didn't stand out in the freezing cold to sketch it! The ancient landscape of Wiltshire, especially the area around Marlborough and Avebury is my second home these past 40 years since my family moved down there. I am inspired by the...

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My Journaling Journey


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