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Callanish: Midwinter Sunrise. Mixed media painting

This mixed media painting of Callanish represents all that I feel about Midwinter. When I stop, really stop, the exhaustion I have been trying to out-run catches up with me. It's so hard to allow myself to feel it, to slow right down and cease from 'doing'. But I am...

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‘Hiraeth’ : Acrylic on canvas painting 2’x2′.

I have been waiting patiently for the title of this painting and it has come - Hiraeth. It is a welsh word that cannot be easily translated into English. It describes the yearning for home, maybe an outer or inner place of the heart.  In the midst of all uncertainty...

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Mark-making play – Indian ink and seedheads

Had fun today with more mark-making using seedheads from the garden and Indian ink on paper. Love the results and will follow up with acrylic colours on tissue paper. All good to use in collage or directly onto a painting or journal page. Here are the three different...

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